Vinaya Videya Rama - four men and a crazy

Vineya Videya Rama
(Humble and Loyal Rama)

Directed by Boyapati Sreenu

Ram Charan as Rama
Kiara Advani as Sita
Vivek Oberai as Raja Bhai Munna
Prashanth as Bhuvan Kumar
Aryan Rajesh
Sneha as Gayatri Devi
Mukesh Rishi as Pandyam Parasuram
Mahesh Manjrekar as Chief Minister of Bihar

Mohan's Measure "disturbed mother, destroyed wife"

Vineya and Videya are, our Acharyas say, the two most important qualities we are to have to be truly good human beings. 

If so, the audience should be sainted, for having such patience and loyalty to skip Petta and fill the theatre next door. 

Yes, Boyapati Sreenu has done it again, torturing us to a notch just under the maximum allowed by the Geneva Convention. VVR is yet another of his nefarious movies to wind up on the critics' chopping block, and this critic's need for Tylenol.

Blockhead is the only description for a man who put much of the plot on the editing floor, leaving us to watch a disjointed, chronologically ignored, series of happy family scenes intertwined with brutal violence .

VVR is a beefcake movie of baratones trying to out-threaten each other for no other reason than to hear their own voice. The violence they enact is publicized, as in how the hero killed 300 goons on his way to meet the villain in Bihar.

If you think that is bad, try and understand how the hero can make it there in less than 10 minutes travelling by cargo train and horseback from Gujarat. It appears we are all taking the wrong mode of transportation to work.  He also manages to bring his entire family, the kids, his girlfriend and his in laws - all in different locations with him. But he's the only one on the train!

Brother, did we get off at the wrong station!