Sameer - like bees to honey

2017, Hindi

Director: Dakxin Bajrange Chhara

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub as Sameer
Subrat Datta as Desai
Anjali Patil as Alia
Chinmay Mandlekar as Shahid
Alek Gagdekar as Manto
Shubham Bajrange as Rocket

Mohan's Measure ✳️ ✳️ ✳️ ✳️ 

In a telling moment, a little boy accidentally throws a stone over a roof, and a riot nearly results.

There is something in the human instinct that makes us form in-groups and out-groups, turn friends into enemies, and judge without reason. We make up any excuse, race, religion, the color of skin, the results are the same - bloodshed.

Sameer dares to ask what would happen if someone were to prey off this primal emotion. The controversial movie argues how, like bees to honey, the masses would feed off such hatred. And in playing with their minds in this way, even the smallest pawns would stand to gain power.

Convincingly acted, albeit with displays of hyperbole, Sameer is an intelligent examination of the utter stupidity of the human condition.

 Any resemblance to current day events are coincidental. Or they are not.