Ittefaq - woman in the windshield

Ittefaq (Coincidence)
Hindi, 2017

Directed by Abhay Chopra

Akshaye Khanna as Dev Verma
Sidharth Malhotra as Vikram Sethi
Sonakshi Sinha as Maya Sinha
Pavail Gulati as Chirag
Samir Sharma as Shekhar Sharma

Mohan's Measure ✴ ✴ ✴

There is a great deal more than just the Vindhyas which separates North from South.  There is the question of morality, basic human integrity and how it is seen.

Ittefaq is about the Mumbai of today, a materialistic madhouse where marriage is just as much about convenience as the gods. Here the police catch a man accused of just murdering his spouse. Ironically, he is in the apartment of a frightened woman who may have just murdered hers.

Mr. Khanna gives a profound performance in this macabre story.  He plays Inspector Verma as the classic French Noir Detective. Careworn to being callous, he couldn't care less for the spoiled nouveau riche suspects. So it surprises us that he would befriend, almost empathize with, the accused, and that the accused would sympathize with him. But, life, with all its emotions, is never quite what it seems.

Mrs. Sinha isn't either. She paints herself as the devout wife. Vikram sees her as a sleaze. At times, Sonakshi doesn't quite know how to portray her, and it shows.

Dark though it is, Ittefaq is not quite a noir as we want it to be. For that we need a Poetic Justice, a Higher Justice, and Bollywood is out of touch with it.