Adhe Kangal - strange sightings

Adhe Kangal
(The Same Eyes)

2017, Tamil

Director: Rohin Venkatesan

Kalaiyarasan as Varun Murali
Janani Iyer as Sadhana
Sshivada as Vasundhra

Bala Saravanan as Panju

Mohan's Measure ✳ ✳ ✳

We have seen a lot of mysteries emerging out of Tamil Nadu, but most of late have fallen into the area of pulp noir.  Adhe Kangal finally breaks this trend, offering a straightforward, no-nonsense, nose to the grindstone mystery with a clearly defined ending.

The whole story plays out like a made for TV film, beginning with a blind man falling in love with a charitable young woman.  He manages to get his sight back, but in the meantime, she vanishes.

Where she is and who she is are the backdrop of the interesting and lightly comical adventure ahead for Mr. Varun.   Bala Saravanan does an impressive job as a down-and-out cop looking for that big break, the one big case which will bring him into the limelight. A murder brings him to Varun and the rest is a detective story.  Several twists and turns follow the clues, until that one moment.

That this one moment is over the top is to be expected, but it comes after a couple of hours of an engaging story which the family can watch.